L-band Outernet in South America :D

i got one DIY kit to l-band outernet

im locate in southamerica Colombia

basic setup,

-using rpi3 and DIY kit (tnks to outernet), outernet antenna (tnks a ham radio user from ny)
-the antena its not on the roof, its under the garden mesh
-very strong signal ? 4.5 db
-aling antenna using Inclinometer and magnetic compass, and dishpointer website
-looking for a good outdoor case to put all the stuf in :smiley:
-the sdr get very hot under locale climate, i add a huge heatsink for that

-the dashboard tabs in Librarian v4.0.post2 / rxos 2.0 do not work , lot of F5 to make it work, in firefox and chrome

-more photos https://www.flickr.com/photos/atarvaneitor/albums/72157671029205184

hoping to have time in the future to test outside in an open space