L-Band Patch Antenna Hacks

list of different mounting console hardware, tips and tricks, ideas

Hope some of you found interesting my solution to hold the Outernet L-Band patch antenna, indoor on my windows glass. Using a smart phone suction cup holder (it has quite long arm thus can fold back). Holding the antenna + LNA quite tight for about two weeks now.

It’s a compromise if you cannot mount the receiver externally (like me now temporary).

Got mine from here in ebay

Please feel free sharing your outdoor and indoor solutions and ideas for patch antenna mounting.


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Does the Outernet Patch Antenna have a particular orientation that is considered correct? That is, should the feed cable be up or come in from the bottom, or left or right?

It has RHCP (right hand circular polarization) so feed cable can be oriented any direction.

Thanks Zoltan. I was going to ask about polarization next!

No problem!
What you can try is to place under the patch antenna some metal sheets, this likely increase the patch antenna gain as the bigger ground plane it has the better for gain. I can push SNR with such experiments from 6 to 9…10 dB some times.

Like a 12" pizza pan :slight_smile:
Antennas are amazing. You can almost do the wrong thing, and it might work better!