L-Band Success Philippines. Thank you Outernet

Now I have a lot more files from Space.

We just increased the forward error correction in the broadcast. Feel free to upload your own content here.


Well its now working great.

Can you explain the satellite data transmission protocol a bit please. FEC Forward Error Correction? etc

Your file should be coming down as we speak. We’re doing about 15kB/minute, so it should complete by 25 past the hour.

We have error correction in the waveform, as well as more error correction once the analog is converted to bits. We use LDPC for error correction (low density parity check) code to ensure that packets can be reconstructed into a file, even if all of the packets/blocks are not received.

File received, Worked perfectly Syed. Thanks very much.

Now we got video.

Both the SpaceX and the Paper-plane worked perfectly. This really is 2kbps of exciting technology.

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Syed could you please explain what the

Algorithmic peak-to-mean ratio 17.94.

Does Outernet software tell me how much forward error correction is going on?

Does not allow me to put my email address in. Only allows eight characters

Fixed. Can you try again?

i have changed the extension to .dat on the Grib file i am filecasting but I would like to experiment sending weather grib files from the international weather server which are sent out with a .bz2 extension.

example grib file 20141229_051510_.grb.bz2
(philippines 3 day grib forcast for wind)

Could you please add .bz2 to the . extensions allowed, in your filecast centre.

Yes, not a problem. That extension has been added. You should be all set now.

Syed just so you know I am unable to watch the videos on my acer old old android tablet using the default google browser or the firefox browser for android.

Do I need to update the android browser in order to see the video…

All the other functions of Librarian work on my old android tablet.

I basically use the tablet as a repeater of the CHIP Outernet hotspot.

Ok succesfully sent first Grib file over L-Band. Worked fine and was fast.

I think grib weather files will be very popular.

Does NOAA provide global grib files?

Yes I am not very familiar with all the USA government agencies but NOAA certainly gives out a global grib file for up to 10 day prediction.

I use a program called Zygrib to go and get the geographical piece of the grib data file I want. Pic attached.
NOAA or another agencies has a sever on the internet that houses the latest grib prediction runs.

I think they do a world weather prediction every 6 hours.
There is also a new Grib 2 format that apparently has some new features like the ability to join grib files together to form a larger data set etc.


I have had no files for the last 5 hours and only the first file I put up to filecast has come through.

The next two grib files have not arrived.

Did you receive the small video files from yesterday? The grb files should be coming down now.

We’ll begin hooking up content feeds next week.

Nothing is coming now . I have done the Bias T mod on my RTL-SDR dongle and connected the second LNA-filter I bought from Outernet to it and connected the Outernet antenna.

It is unable after 12 minutes to get a signal Lock.

Do I need I need to change any parameters to use the RTL-Sdr.com R820T2 dongle.

There web site in the comments section stated that the new driver that helped with the overheating was installed in the Outernet software, So I assumed I could just substitute it and plug it into the CHIP

Yes Video were great. You guys are amazing.

PS I want a news ticker like in the early days of Telegraph.

Yes, we’re working on various content applications–just as soon as all downloading issues are completely resolved.

Did the green light on the amplifier turn on after it was connected to the modded RTL-SDR Blog radio? If you manually soldered the bias tee jumper, then you are using V2, which does not require any driver changes. Even if you have the most recent V3 radio, you are right–our firmware does have the modified driver.

First thing is to make sure that the amp’s light is on.