Lantern Enclosure

The Bullseye LNB (removed from its housing) and Dreamcatcher 4 PCB will both be placed inside of this enclosure. The neck is 40mm, so it can be optionally placed in a standard LNB holder. It’s still an early design, which I’m printing now.

It needs a place to mount Dreamcatcher, cable gland on the rear end cap (for waterproofing the hole), and fittings for the LNB. It also needs a stand to set elevation angle.

Here’s the Lantern Enclosure 20210321.STEP (6.0 MB) if you want to play with it.


Would it be an idea to add a 1/4" mount for tripods in the housing? I think many people use a tripod for (indoor) reception?
Or as a cheap add-on?

BTW I like the new housing very much :slight_smile:

Yes, the 1/4-20 nut is on the list to add to the enclosure. It would be placed on the end of the enclosure, so that skew adjustment is still possible. Does that make sense?

I’d rather add the nut to the stand. The end of the enclosure is screw-on and may turn with time, changing the skew setting. Making the stand clamp adjustable, ideally including a skew scale would eliminate that problem.

I agree with caveman! Currently I’m using

(a friend 3D printed those)

It does the trick, but I think it can be more compact, stable and robust. In the final housing I guess we don’t need the coax anymore? Just USB power?

this can do the job, and if you lose it , is easy to replace. The nut inside can be 1/4-20 as asked

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Indeed, an easy and cheap solution! I’ll check te Dutch Amazon (or local hardware store).

(or hopefully in Italy on summer holidays :wink: )

which holidays ?? let me know when is possible to do it again :rofl:

I keep on dreaming and hoping :sunglasses:

  1. Where put power lipo/accumulator?
  2. I hate sd card, why not using normal usb flash as data storage?
  3. why not add small solar panel for charging device in a day?
  4. what happenes in +80 C temperature and -30 C

The answer to 1-3 is: cost
The ESP32 and SX1281 both support that temperature range.