Lantern Locks Up After Several Days

I have had a Lantern Lock Up several times already, and wanted to ask about it before resetting it.

The WiFi Hot Spot works fine, and I can get into the Lantern:

however, the Librarian seems to have stopped, and I get this when I connect rather than the normal screen:

I can recover from this problem by restarting the Lantern by removing all power from it, and it will work fine again for several days to a week.

I am now in this condition and can visit the Lantern via PuTTY to look for an issue or do a reset without having to open the Lantern and power it down. Any thoughts out there? Ken

Can you update to the latest build? It should be the one from 09-26.

I will do that and watch the Lantern in the coming days. Thanks, Ken

Still have same problem - - here’s PuTTY look at new package

Librarian works fine for awhile awaiting on downloads here on Alphasat in Opatija, Croatia, with strong 4+ SNRs and error less packet downloads, then fails to start. Ken

Is it locking up at the same time every day? Is it hotter in Croatia than it was back home?

Temps here in Croatia are lower than in DC, and my Lantern is in the shade here versus in the sun at home, so I don’t think that’s the reason.

Sometimes I can go 2 weeks looking into the Lantern periodically during that time with no problem - - sometimes 3 or 4 days - - yesterday it was just hours. So I can’t answer that. But my guess is it’s not time driven either.

I can SSH into the Lantern and think I could reload the Librarian that way rather than to go thru a complete shut down. What do I type to reload the Librarian? Ken

I suggest a compete shutdown.

I am getting some Lantern Lock ups too.

But it is hard to tell if the unit is working as the Library works etc but the Packet count sits idle.

I just hit the update settings button and it came beck again.

Is there a issue with the e4000 dongle perhaps getting some kind of RAM constraint etc after a couple of days?

What is the expected up-time for the Outernet receiver?

We’ve had a receiver up for an entire week, cooking at 85C the whole time. Not an E4000, but the entire receiver was up without issue. @Abhishek @zoltan How long have your radios been up–when left up? Are you seeing the same lock ups?

the packet count works by making a request every few seconds to the receiver. Sometimes, that request fails. In such cases, the packet count may appear to freeze. refreshing the page should generally get it running again.

I have myself not seem freezes after a few days like this. There was one instance where librarian had crashed - and had to be restarted manually - but in that case the library won’t work either.

Can Outernet send critical diagnostic function information from individual lanterns that are also connected to the internet to a Outernet database for analysis.

I as a beta tester would not object as I think this would definitely help diagnose some of the issues we are having. Such as;

Average SNR
Software Performance.
Hardware issues CHIP, Raspberry etc.
Antenna configuration.

Yes, definitely. If you connect your receiver to a WLAN (though the Dashboard), these anonymous reports are enabled. Turning the receiver into a wifi client is done under Network Interfaces.

I have 1 librarian running on RPi 3 and R820T2 tuner, and 1 CHIP and E4000 tuner booth running since 2nd of October uninterrupted, no lock ups so far, receiving data.

Excellent news you are having uninterrupted success with your Lanterns.

My lock ups may simply be people touching my wiring or power spikes etc.

We are in the wet season so I have not had dry enough weather to run permanent wiring.


How often is the Lantern being used by client devices over wifi? It’s also possible that your device is locking up due to usage. We are at the border line of RAM usage, which is why I ask.

I am DHCP ing to my router which assigns it a IP address. I then just put that IP address in my Browser and I see Library.

As my network is closed I am the only user…

Is there a diagnostic showing me how much RAM, CPU is being used etc.

Can you try http://Your-IP-Address/qa/

If you are in client-mode, then should work, if you are on the latest version.

I forgot to show you how to see system resource. There are links from /qa/

System Resources

Network Information

Storage/Mount Points

Internal Tests

Well I’ll be darned.It appears to have self flashed!!!

I now appear to have version 3.0

Easiest Flashing I ever did.