Lantern not being sent

I have paid for a Lantern on INDIEGOGO since 2014 and still waiting.
I want to know when I will get my Lantern
How can I find the number of my order since ?
I am not happy to help and being treat that way.


Hi Sabin

Yes I am in the same situation but Syed has been updating along the journey.

Keep the faith:)

There is a message thread here in updates

“I’m working on a really interesting/useful content source, which is what I want to include in the update. I know it seems like such a simple thing to send updates, but I get bombarded with replies every time I send one, which is why they aren’t so regular. The replies take a really long time and there is only so much time in a day. It’s getting closer and closer. I know many backers think we’ve given up, but that’s far, far from reality.”

Not sure if that’s the latest but it is frustrating I know.

My use case was for remote tribes in Malaysia (both Borneo side, East Malaysia Peninsular) plus others in SE Asia - and they are still waiting 5 years later, so my frustration is not about not having my “toy”, but because they are still struggling to get useful educational and skills information

Hi @sabinovitch ,

We have not stopped working on Lantern. I don’t have a delivery date, but we are still actively working on the product. You’re right that it’s been a long time. I’ll be the first to say that we are comically late in shipping. The service is a lot more interesting now, but I can understand if you are not interested in waiting any longer. If that’s the case, please email [email protected] and I’ll make sure your refund is immediately processed.

Hi @Syed,

For those of us who got into the program “post Lantern” promotion, could you give us a brief description of what Lantern is? My first real exposure to Othernet was the DIY Receiver Kit and Patch Antenna.

Thanks, Frank KR1ZAN, Garland, TX

Lantern is the receiver board and antenna (Dreamcatcher) inside of an enclosure. It’s basically the finished product version of what we have been working on. Less DIY and more consumer-oriented.

TBH, I know it’s been a long wait, but based on when I dabbled with Out/Othernet when they were on the L-Band in Europe - I think this will be a fantastic product, I think that as technology has improved, Syed and the team can make further refinements to the product so that in the end, it’ll be better than first planned!

Mark (Still keeping the faith!)

Let me update everyone on the what the Lantern is:

Two years ago, Othernet offered the Lantern receivers to the original Crowd Funders (of which I was one of the originals) to complete the funding agreement. I opted to receive one. It was a fine product made of ABS plastic designed to operate with a “patch” L-band antenna and a solar cell to recharge the device.

Well, the solar cell couldn’t handle the recharge, so I disconnected it but left it for “looks”. The patch antenna worked very well for several years when Othernet was in L-band. I traveled extensively around the world and got good reception.

When Othernet went back to Ku-band, I modified my ABS plastic Lantern to add the Ku-band LNB in place of the “patch” antenna. I recently added a MP2636 ($8 plus shipping and tax from ) to charge a Boston Power Swing Lipo 5,300 mAh battery installed inside the case with a USB charger port to recharge/run the Lantern.

To improve SNR, I added a collapsible drinking cup cone to the LNB. I also externally mounted the touch screen on the front of the case. This unit is my “go to” portable I carry when I travel. The LNB fits snugly into the case, and the cone collapses. Very good modified design. The Lantern has weathered many accidents falling off a balcony in Italy only to come back to life when I connected all the wires again :joy: and being soaked in a rain storm after I emptied and dried it. :grin:

I’m looking forward to Othernet’s newly designed portable unit. Ken


Hi @Syed
Great seeing all the ongoing developments but what’s the situation for Lantern and getting \ product sent out to original backers? Is there an up to date thread about this somewhere?

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These ongoing developments are directly related to Lantern production. Dreamcatcher is simply the name of the circuit board that goes inside of the finished product, which is Lantern. The relevant parts of Lantern include:

  1. The circuit board, aka Dreamcatcher. This is what turns the satellite signal into data/files. It can also be described as a receiver.
  2. The antenna/LNB, aka Bullseye. This is what captures the satellite signals and converts it to something that the receiver can tune into. Thousands of these are sitting on a shelf waiting to be integrated into an enclosure.
  3. The plastic enclosure, which can be seen here.
  4. The software (firmware) to make it all run. The source code is available here and is functional. There are, however, some bugs to work out and also additions required for reception in Europe.
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I have never before seen, nor was offered one of these units.