Lantern/Outernet has partnered with "The World Bank." So Disappointing!

One of societies biggest problems is corporations and big banks controlling our news media. I’m sure the creators of Lantern know this. So, why would you partner with them and them have all of us trust you to provide future unbiased content? The “Outernet” now just looks like an easier way for big banks to control the next level of media. So disappointing.


They are not a content partner. As far as I’m aware, we have no projects going on with WB right now. I’m not at liberty to disclose the potential projects, but I suppose I could mention that it has nothing to do with our content programme.

Disclosure not needed Branko. Those “projects” will come if/or when the Outernet becomes big enough. For now, they’ll just settle for a small business relationship to “help others.” You basically allowed one of the biggest enemies of quality, unbiased news content to be a part of your organization. An analogy that comes to mind, is like taking a loan from the mafia. Everyone knows not to do it because it will come back to haunt you later. The World Bank will put the screws to your organization like they’ve done to many others when the time is right. They don’t care about helping others unless it puts more money in the pockets and/or gives them more control. You’re a smart guy Branko, you know what I’m saying is true You don’t need to respond to this, it is what it is. Just sucks, that’s all.

As I said originally, WB is not, and will not be involved in content partnership in foreseeable future. As for whether such an arrangement (if it ever came to that) would be detrimental or not, I can’t really comment for obvious reasons.

I assure you there are lots of organizations out there that would want the same as soon as we start having an impact. Worrying about each and every one of them right now wouldn’t get us any further than not worrying about any of them. So I choose latter.

Worrying will get you nowhere. Planning on the other hand might be useful.

Partnerships with NGO’s in Iceland, Russia, Mexico to provide content via a Tor accessible carousel.

Satellite uplinks from Iceland, Germany, Russia.

Outernet to WB: Sorry that was uploaded by our Mexican partner and broadcast from Russia, please take it up with them.

Outernet to Putin: Sorry that was uploaded by our Icelandic partner & Broadcast from Germany, please take it up with them.

etc etc

Hi sam_uk, who is the mexican partner