Lantern timeline?


Hello @Syed, where can I find latest updates on the indiegogo lantern crowndfund I participated in? Is there a new eta for the lantern?


Yes please update Syed

Not sure where shipping is at for indiegogo supporters like myself


Latest update was just posted. Really sorry about the incredible delays. We’re trying as hard and fast as we can.


I see the issue in the CHIP. Could we run this with a pi zero w?


The old firmware should run on a Pi ZW, but Skylark has not been ported to the Pi. We’re concentrating all of our efforts on the Allwinner A13 SoC, which is what is in the CHIP, as well as our own integrated receiver board.


Are you making new receivers? I thought you already made a bunch of custom receivers. What happens to the old ones?


Making receivers is how we pay the bills (especially the very large satellite bill). There will always be new receivers and the old ones will continue to work. In some cases, they may require a software update, though, which we distribute freely.


Fact: Outernet is using the L-Band xD


Do you have a receiver where I can disable the saw filter, lna and bias T through software?

I’m interested in picking up one of your receivers but they only seem to be good for outernet. I’d like the ability to use it for other things and tell it to go to outernet if I want.


The SDRv3 is universal for anything between 30mhz to ~1.7Ghz.
The Bias tee is enabled via software, so it’s off at default.
Because the LNA is a seperate part, you don’t have to put it on the cable / between SDR and Antenna.

You can get one HERE, Outernet is switching to their own SDR/LNA combounit named SDRx in the Moment.
I am using the SDRv3 since autumn of 2016 to receive wheather sats in the 2m band and so on.
I realy like SDRs from and have almost every Version of them xD