Lantern V2 photos

So I was champing at the bit to get a lantern and as an early Indiegogo backer @Syed kindly sent me one. It’s got the new clear cover and RTL SDR which makes it a V2.

It’s working really well and getting consistent SNR of 4dB > 8db. I’m very happy with it :slight_smile:

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Is it environmental conditions that causes the dip to 4dB SNR?

I’m not entirely sure.

It fluctuates a fair bit minute to minute.

Daytime would look something like


  • 30sec 7.2dB
  • 30sec 5.3dB
  • 30sec 6.3dB
  • 30sec 4.9dB

etc etc.

I’ll reconnect to status.outernet when I get a power solution sorted. Can you access the raw data then?

Congrats Outernet I think this is going to be a hot seller.

I could sell 3 instantly to my friends who are waiting to buy the non-solar version.

We need resellers in the Philippines!

Sam would you mind if you have time. marking up the photo with the component names.

I am trying to work out whether it has a Solar Panel or Not.

My version does include the solar panel.

This one way handcrafted, by the way (which is probably pretty obvious). The EMI from the battery holder and wires was something fierce, which is why it took so long to get this one out.