"LCD UI is not running"

My dreamcatcher board has run fine for a long time, and is accessible and operational when accessed from the web UI. However, the LCD displays a black screen with a blinking cursor, and nothing else. The diagnostic page displays “LCD UI not running. You should reboot.” I have rebooted and reflashed Skylark, and the problem persists. I have not completely reformatted the entire SD card, as I would rather not lose the downloaded files and configs, but it is an option if all else fails.

I’ve had that exact issue how I removed it was reflashing the SD card

Based on your experience I may as well go ahead and reformat the whole card and see if that helps. Thanks/

New update:
I reflashed the card completely, even tried a new card, but the problem still persists.

Update #2:
Strange issue; it only happens when I boot with the Ethernet adapter in with the Ethernet plugged in. Booting with the edup or the Ethernet plugged out is successful with display and all

That is definitely weird