Librarian feature request

I think a timestamp on the downloaded files visible via the web interface would be helpful. File size would also be nice.

That’s a great idea. If you download the file to your computer it gets time stamped with its download time/date.

If I were curious to see when it arrived, I’d have to go thru the laborious process of downloading the APP LOG (which is usually over 100MB)), then open it and search out the file to see when it arrived. Ken


ftp://your receiver ip

in your browser. that will show the timestamps.

A Librarian interface is being completely redone. but its going to take some weeks.

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By the way, what is the time zone for those timestamps?
UTC maybe?

They are “Outernet time”! The fact that it matches UTC is unintentional and purely coincidental.


Interesting :thinking:

Are you thinking about allowing a local time zone?
It’s slightly hard to understand that different time for me =P