Librarian, Tuner Settings still live?

Outernet Raspberry Pi version has been off for a while as I wait delivery of CHIP. Fired it up today, but don’t see any activity on Dashboard, Tuner Settings. Reading that should change don’t anymore. Would this be normal now since the change to Skylark?

Librarian should still download everything normally.

Are you waiting from us or from NTC?

I got the impression your team would like a full order of all parts, instead of a single part order. So, I went to NTC instead. And I think you said an Alpha CHIP is what you send. So I figured by now NTC is shipping the latest. But, your CHIP would have the firmware already installed. But then, I wouldn’t have the experience to do it myself. Well, NTC confirmed the order on 1/29, but no CHIP here yet. Do you ship from HQ?

Strange. I did a cold start on the Pi. Went inside and brought up Librarian, signed in, brought up Tuner Settings, saw one good entry of SNR and other stuff, and then it just stopped with no more entries. Did it a couple of times. Something must be corrupted. Think I’ll just shut down, cover it up, wait for the CHIP and start over.

You assumed correctly on all counts. We generally don’t sell the CHIP separately, but for our active forum participants and long-time customers, we definitely make exceptions. Yes, we do ship directly from Chicago (I’m the one who flashed the CHIP and packs the order). Yes, it’s the Alpha CHIP.

I’ll work with you next time. I thought it would take many days to get here from somewhere other than the US. I may have to if something is broken like I mentioned in a previous post. Now, you’re not going to change hardware again?
:slight_smile: My Pi has been working great. Looks like Skylark is a winner.

Wait…you are running Skylark on a Pi?

I didn’t say it right. I meant to say My Pi has been working fine under Librarian, but Skylark looks to be winner under CHIP. Sorry :grin:

Do you see me at HQ. Think I fixed Pi/Librarian version.
I can’t tell on my Status map.

What is your location?


Found trouble.I must have put the Network Interface into default a while back.
So I didn’t see myself on the map. So, changed it to wi-fi again. I’m near Los Angeles, so it looks like the background green balloon with a red and green in front of it.

Looks like NTC has not been shipping because of Chinese New year. I ordered from them late last month. Do you still have CHIP’s? If so, I could order one from you guys and cancel the NTC order?

Yes, just be sure to remind me after you pay for the item. I’m trying to dig myself out of 2000 emails that have accumulated drive the beginning of the month, so it’s really easy for things to get lost in the shuffle.

Hopefully you will find mine in the pile.:slight_smile:

Roger on that.