Librarian v0.1a5.1 quick-fix released

A rather embarrassing and annoying bug has been uncovered and fixed. Namely, adding the same (possibly updated) copy of content to archive would cause the Librarian to create a duplicate entry instead of overwriting. Both entries would point to the same content on the disk. This has been fixed in this quick-fix release.

Other things that have also been fixed are:

  • The issue with update datestamp on dashboard (showing first instead of last) was fixed so it now does what it says it does
  • Content in archive is now sorted by both date AND time of archival so content will always been shown latest first in order they were added to archive (it used to be sorted just by date, and then by number of views, and it was a bit weird)
  • Librarian now serves subpaths from the zip files (more on this below)

The last item is significant for future development. It basically allows arbitrarily complex folder structures to be served, including entire websites.

The update is being broadcast right now, so it will appear in /var/spool/downloads/updates/ folder shortly if you’re tuned in. You can update to this version by running:

pip install /var/spool/downloads/updates/librarian-0.1a5.1.tar.gz

If you cannot wait, install it from Internet:

pip install

After installing it, you should restart the librarian system service. On Arch ARM:

systemctl restart librarian

On Raspbian:

service librarian restart