Librarian v0.1a5 released

This release contains major facelift as well as a few features that should make working with Librarian easier:

  • Search by title available on library page
  • Pager available on library page, which improves performance as well
  • Shows number of updates and date of last written file on dahsboard (see issue #45 though)
  • Provides controls for selecting and deselecting items on the updates page, and provides visual cues for selection
  • Some code related to decrypting content has been removed for a minor performance improvement

The updated tarball has been added to the broadcast. If you have already installed Librarian on your receiver, there is no need to go through the install all over again. Log into your RaspberryPi, check that /var/spool/downloads/updates/ directory contains librarian-0.1a5.tar.gz and then:

On Raspbian/RaspBMC:

sudo pip install /var/spool/downloads/updates/librarian-0.1a5.tar.gz
service librarian restart

On Arch ARM:

pip install /var/spool/downloads/updates/librarian-0.1a5.tar.gz
systemctl restart librarian

Wait for up to a minute while Librarian restarts.

If you cannot wait for the update to be downloaded through Outernet broadcast stream, you can download it off Internet:

pip install
systemctl restart librarian

Downloaded, installed and running fine! Now I just have to get the receiver and dish connected… :smile:

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