Librarian v0.1a6.1 released - bufixes to last alpha

The v0.1a6.1 is a quick bugfix release which fixes a serious bug that prevented v0.1a6 from importing newly broadcast content. It is highly recommended that you immediately upgrade.

The release will be in the broadcast stream soon, but meanwhile, you can grab it from the ORx page.

Apart from the fixed bug, it also includes two small fixes. The dashboard no longer shows the favorites listing (pending removal of the favorites feature), and the main menu now shows the number of updates.

As usual update your copy like so:

pip install /var/spool/downloads/updates/librarian-0.1a6.1.tar.gz

Restart the Librarian service:

# Arch Linux
systemctl restart librarian

# Raspbian/RaspBMC
service librarian restart