Librarian v0.1a6 released - final alpha release

Hi everyone!

Librarian v0.1a6 has been released. This is a final alpha release.

UPDATE: This release contains a serious bug which prevents it from importing latest broadcast content. Please use the v0.1a6.1 or later.

Something you’ll notice right away is that the Dashboard has been tucked away to the far-right of the menu, and library listing is now the homepage. This is a move towards multi-user Librarian, where dashboard would only be accessible to admins. This release also adds features that help users differentiate between various content sources (e.g., content partners, sponsored content, content in core archive) and provides a file browser for file-only broadcasts that will start soon.

Because of the new features, the content that you have already received will show up as having no license information (because it does not), and as being part of core archive (which isn’t true for all content that is currently being broadcast). Therefore, a lot of the content will need to be rebroadcast soon (again).

If you have experienced complete archive rebroadcast last time it happened, you might have noticed it’s not a very pleasant experience. The downloads page couldn’t handle too many files at once. Luckily, the new version contains a fix for this. The new downloads page has a simple (and a bit clunky) pager which allows you to view no more than 20 downloads at a time. This also means you will need to import downloaded content in batches of 20, though. Suggestions for further improvement are very welcome, though.

I would like to thank all the translators that are working on Librarian. This release doesn’t integrate any translations yet, though (sorry!). Integration of translations is planned for the next release. The first beta release will be synced to translation efforts among other things.

Updating to the latest version

As before, the updated Librarian tar- and zipball have been added to the broadcast. When you see them in the updates folder (/var/spool/downloads/updates), log into your Raspberry Pi and update your copy like so:

pip install /var/spool/downloads/updates/librarian-0.1a6.tar.gz

Restart the Librarian service:

# Arch Linux
systemctl restart librarian

# Raspbian/RaspBMC
service librarian restart

Wait a few minutes and reload Librarian in your browser.

You can also obtain the latest release from the ORx page and copy it over to Raspberry Pi using scp or similar methods.

Don’t forget to file issues you might have with Librarian to our issue tracker.