Lighthouse additional memory

Hello, forgive me if this information is listed in other locations, but I could not find it.
I added a usb drive to my lighthouse as in the lighthouse manual. The lighthouse
now indicates the additional memory, but the items already downloaded in library, files and
apps are no longer showing. Will I have to wait until they are downloaded again?
How much data are you sending out? Will 16gb be enough? How often before you begin to
repeat downloads?

The new music files are downloading to the file section ok.
The new files in the updates will not transfer to the library…

[email protected] Regarding your first question: Yes, unfortunately, you’ll need to wait for the content to cycle through again. We are pushing about 1GB per day, so your drive will fill up in about two weeks. The latest version of the firmware autoremoves the oldest content so that you’re constantly receiving new stuff.

What version of firmware are you running? And where are you located?

version: 0.4.post5 / Lighthouse 1.4.000
I am in western New York state.

I realize what you are saying now. The new music files stay in the Files section because they are not properly packaged as Librarian-content. We’re solving this issue with a completely new software release:

Yes. Lighthouse replaces the internal storage with external one, and originally downloaded data is not kept.

As Syed mentioned, this will be changed in future releases. We are working on an abstraction layer for the filesystem that will allow files across different storage devices to be used together.