Lighthouse and ORx development snapshot 2.0.004

Yeah, i saw your ghost tweets issue. Quite puzzling. I put a note of it on the librarian-twitter github repository.I was actually able to reproduce it yesterday, no idea why it occurred.

The 2.1 RC just came out last night, so it makes sense you may not have noticed it.

I have the new version 2.0.001 with Hot Fix running on my Lighthouse, and am receiving pages, and the ghost tweets off Galaxy 19. Every day for the last week I kept getting them. The content and time remained the same, but the dates changed to keep up with UTC. I know they are old Tweets.

I’ll see what I get in 6 hours and report back. I also wonder what Pradeeka will see in Sir Lanka when he comes back up. Ken

It’s possible the wrong database column is used in the display. We’ll fix this.

To be clear, you are not using

Rather, you are using 2.1.000 hotfix. Correct?

If you’d like to keep up with our progress on the ghost tweets, feel free to check out the issue:

Ben, I flashed my LH the with 2.1.000 Hot Fix. I checked the Twitter feeds and recognized that the tweets displayed under the Twitter section cannot be found in any of the .json files listed under the files section.

Here are the Twitter feeds for @BreakingNews

However, they cannot be found in any of the json files (tweets/breakingnews)

If I remember correctly, twitter app removes imported JSON. But I could be wrong.

Thanks @branko. :smile:

I think this part of the application log indicates the removing of .json file.

[2015-12-16 16:44:33 (+0000)] DEBUG    Twitter: importing /mnt/data/downloads/.appdata/tweets/ginmemberusa-1215.json
[2015-12-16 16:44:33 (+0000)] DEBUG    Twitter: removing imported file: /mnt/data/downloads/.appdata/tweets/ginmemberusa-1214.json

Yeah. Tho given the history of our development, I can’t be 100% sure. :smiley:

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Yep, you’re correct here branko. We moved away from one folder per handle and now have all the json files go into the .appdata/twitter/ folder. They are removed during the final phase of import.

If you want to see those tweets in the new UI, copy them into the .appdata/twitter/ folder. I say copy because the bug to do with ghost tweets needs to be fixed, and will likely require a wipe of the twitter database.

With ORx 2.0.004 development snapshot, librarian UI gets slow when accessing World Possible: RACHEL folder using Windows Phone. This folder contains large amounts of files.

@pradeeka Have you tried OrxPi 2.1?

Oh, not yet. I tried it with LH. Will update. :slight_smile: