Lighthouse hard reset

my memory is filled, as you clear all?
hard reset?
factory settings?

We’ll release a patch that resolves this problem. Please stand by. Meanwhile, you can either add external storage (USB stick, for example) to expand the storage.

Here are the instructions:

Sorry, I just realize you say “Lighthouse”. The instructions should still apply, but be aware that the content stored on internal storage will become unavailable.

This question was not resolved

there is not a command to reset the entire LH, delete al downloaded data and configuration and start from 0

like First Boot on openwrt …

if i make a downgrade , it can be used to reset the device to factory default ?

Hello, the Lighthouse is no longer fit with outernet?
How can i use it now?

OpenELEC/LibreELEC ??

Good question - - I re-purposed my old Outernet Raspberry Pi with OpenELEC/LibreELEC running Kodi Pi to get free TV and Movies, but never thought to do that with the Lighthouse.

I wonder if it can be done? Let’s see what others are thinking. Ken

Possible a new life at the Lighthouse ??

Is it possible to install wetek firmware on this product?

Yes, you can install WeTekPlay on Lighthouse.

Wow - - great news Pradeeka. I’m going to try it today. If it works as expected, there will be new life for the Lighthouse, as Kodi is a superior program for viewing TV channels and shows; and Movies.

I have Kodi running on several devices (even my Smartphones), and was able to terminate my $100/month COMCAST TV service. Ken

I tried but did not install.
Do you know what is the exact procedure?

Yes it does work, but the install is a bit tricky.

Here’s the procedure from

3.2.3 Linux Kodi and OpenELEC installation to NAND Flash

In case that You want to have only Linux Kodi or OpenELEC in WeTek Play, you can install it directly to NAND Flash. Procedure is same as installing or updating Android with .zip file

Download WeTek OpenELEC / Kodi NAND install package from

Specifically Download the

> Download .zip for NAND installation
> Extract downloaded .zip archive
> Copy 3 files: recovery.img , .zip and .aml file to microSD card
> Power off WeTek Play, insert microSD card in device, push UPGRADE button which is located at bottom of device (you can use provided WeTek upgrade toothpick to insert it in hole and to push button), Power ON WeTek Play and keep pressed UPGRADE button for 7 seconds, then release it and update process should start.
> After installation is done, WeTek Play will automatically reboot and it will boot directly on OpenELEC with Kodi 14.1

After you download the NAND .zip you first must unzip it. Then put the 3 files you get (one of them is a .zip file, but that’s one of the 3 files you have to put on the SD chip) onto an SD chip. My SD chip is Fat32 formatted. Connect the Lighthouse to a TV with an HDMI cable so you can see the processes.

Put the micro SD into the Lighthouse while powered off. Then push the Lighthouse upgrade button on the bottom before you connect the power again. You have to hold the Upgrade button pushed in while applying power. Hold the updgrade button in until ANDY the Android appears (about 25 seconds not the 7 seconds the install instructions call for) then release.

Remove the SD chip and restart the Lighthouse. It now will run as OpenELEC Kodi Helix application. After this, you have to go thru the normal Kodi addon process to make Kodi work. Check the internet for easy instructions, but I can give you a few pointers. Ken

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Perfect. For this it did not work

(about 25 seconds not the 7 seconds the install instructions call for) then release.


Perfect. For this it did not work

(about 25 seconds not the 7 seconds the install instructions call for) then release.

thank :slight_smile:

Do you have a screen flickering issue with WeTekPlay (Lighthouse)? I’m having this issue. I checked this with few HDMI cables but couldn’t identify the spot. Only I can guess is the video output module of the WeTekPlay.

For anyone using Raspberry Pi: I’d like to say Libreelec is more stable with HDStar tuner than OpenElec and Kodi for Satellite TV.

No screen flicker here, but I did not load up Exodus or Phoenix and look at a stream. When do you get the screen flicker? At Kodi start up looking at the Confluence screen?

Might be the resolution settings in the Kodi System setup not right for your TV. Ken

You have information about the remote control compatible with Lighthouse / openelec

thank you

No I don’t. I use a mouse plugged into one of the USB ports. It can be hard wired or rf linked. Ken

Hello, can we update openelec to version 8?

The main issue is you can’t use mouse or keyboard to select the options in the bottom bar (i.e: Record, Audio, Pause, Play, Start etc). However, you can scan the satellite TV channels through the web interface using your computer (your-ip:9981/extjs.html).