Lighthouse showing no service HOTBIRD

For sometime the lighthouse has been showing NO SERVICE. There is a signal and and quality, but no service no downloads.

I thought this was because the external drive was full, but having space on it does not fix the situation.

Someone else mentioned about HOTBIRD, with something about a new image being created to overcome an issue???

Thanks in advance

I’m afraid it’s all been switched off. Only L band is active now

Thanks. Noted!

I bought the Geniatech HDstar from Outernet a month or two before the Ku drop. It did not come with the remote or any software. I cannot find the Windows app for this device anywhere on their site. Anyone know where to find it? At least I can use it for some bizarre FTA channels.

HDStar with the remote and software CD can be purchased from this seller.

You can download and install the latest software, ProgDVB from

Windows 32 bit:
Windows 64 bit:


Appreciate the mention, but they don’t bundle the drivers for the hdstar with that app. MS does not seem to serve up the driver.

@Syed any chance y’all have an hdstar CD that you could zip and put on your site? Might help folk like me who got the HDstar to get some value out of it. Thanks

Here is the link for drivers and user manual: