Lighthouse Testing and Issues -(ABS-2)

Lighthouse Receiver

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I just connected the Lighthouse Receiver with my dish antenna that is already pointed to the ABS-2 at 74.9E. It is working perfectly without any issues.

This Lighthouse is preloaded with - Librarian v0.4.post4 / Lighthouse 1.3.000

My Lighthouse status is now showing up. See ABS-2.

To send your receiver’s status to heartbeat, just connect your Lighthouse with Internet connected router using a network cable.

Hi Pradeeka, good information. My Lighthouse is connected to my router/internet. Do I have to do anything special to send in status on Galaxy 19, or does the Lighthouse do it automatically? Ken in Annapolis, MD

Just connect your LH with the router/switch using a network cable. That’s all. It automatically sends data to the monitoring system. Try and let us know.

I should also note that the green dot may disappear from time to time even though we’re receiving the heartbeat data. Fixing that is next on our list of things to do.