List of evergreen content?

Is there a list somewhere of the current evergreen content on outernet? If one were available it would cut down on duplicate requests and would also give people with specialized knowledge an idea of the environment they were contributing to and thus help direct thier efforts to where they will do the most good.

No, unfortunately no such list exists yet.

There is not. Currently there is not a decided upon “core” archive, though we still have the majority of the content we have broadcast previously on disk.

A lot of our internal content projects have taken a back seat as we are focusing our time on the upcoming release.

Who’s heading up content curation since Thane left? I was in email contact with him about community content curation.

I’m particularly interested in a RSS feed for ‘micro news’ headlines, particularly the left hand column here:

Random thought: Given you already have a Twitter channel, If I set up a Twitter account Humanrights_news aggregating those RSS feeds in the left hand column, will you add it?



@Ben is a better person to answer this. I believe our RSS feeder broken because it was hitting the host sites too frequently. We were blacklisted by the publishers’ sites.

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@syed @ben sorrry to hear that, could you just use a third party service for now to act as middleman RSS > RSS. I think would do it, then fix properly later?

Can you explain how you would set IFTTT up to solve the problem?

Actually looking again it doesn’t look like iftt do RSS out.

Mailchimp do though:

Oh wow. This is really convenient.

@Ben: Did you take a look at this?

This is nice for putting together lists of RSS feeds. It still leaves the processing end up to us however.

We have two RSS processing programs that are not good for different reasons. One requires some code to be written to pre and post process the web page, and that needs to be updated whenever the web page updates. The other hits web pages too frequently and results in spammy traffic unless handled properly.

The second could be fixed, but there isn’t time for it immediately. If there was an RSS processing service that had an API or could be retrieved with a simple wget operation, that would be simple to add to the carousels immediately.

Apologies for the lack of responsiveness Sam, it’s been nose to the grindstone around here lately.

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Could you say a bit more about the problem? RSS is a bunch of text? You dump the text into a carousel? It uploads it? Where does the processing need to happen?

How would you be running wget? From a script on the carosel?

Unfortunately RSS is not simply a bunch of text. In most examples, it is a small preview with a link to the full page.

If the RSS feeder were able to grab the full body of the article, it would be a simple matter of writing the text to a file and uploading that file to a carousel.

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Hi Ben

Have you checked out


There’s a FOSS version for self hosting or they will host it for a small fee.



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That does look promising, when i have some time i will look into it.