LNB+Dreamcatcher v3.03 first try results, with video

I got my Black Friday Special Dreamcatcher today, and gave it a quick test, taping the LNB to a photography tripod I had handy, and adjusting azimuth and elevation manually.

here’s the video

Incidentally, I also subsequently tried the same set-up through an open window (with nylon screen) and it worked flawlessly.

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I purchased a Black Friday special too. I had a similar experience. The setup was easy. I
powered it from a 5V power bank and just layed the LNB onto the window sill upside down.
I just pointed it approximately at the satellite and was looking online for the skew figure, I
looked over at the board and it was lit up like a christmas tree, Led’s blinking like crazy. The
board was up and running and downloading packets. I am working on a mount and board so
I can solidly mount the LNB and circuit board,

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Thanks for posting this feedback.