Login page not coming up

I am newbie and cannot get login page to show up. Using miniusb to computer, led lights seem to be working correctly.

Hello Mike,

I’ll try to help you out. I’m another one of the Forum’s do-it-yourselfers/techies.

First, please tell me what you got there in your lap, and how it is all tied together. Ken in Annapolis, MD

passive antenna outernet dreamcatcher v 2.03 using usb to pc windows 10 with new driver and have a working PI usb to serial com8

lights on board look good

type in myouternet.si and it times out

Let’s address this one first. Correct url is my.outernet.is

Try that. I’m working up other comments as we speak. Ken

site cannot be reached

I’m brand new so don’t assume I know anything and thanks for your help

First - the passive antenna has to be connected to the SMA connection marked LNA_IN. The other SMA connection marked LNA_BYPASS is for active antennas.

Second - I presume you don’t have the Skylark screen showing?

Yes or no - - need to know for step 3. Ken

correct no skylark screen

Oh yes, which Dreamcatcher image file did you burn on the micro SD Chip? Ken

rebooted in correct sma connector no difference

skylark 4.4

all the led’s are flashing just like the YouTube video

it’s probably something stupid

Is the file this one dated 10-Oct-2017?

It’s the latest which has a built-in selection to run a passive or active antenna. Ken

After you burned the image file and ran up the Dreamcatcher,(DC) did you access the DC thru the Outernet HotSpot? Ken

no its 170514189-passive-antenna


That’s OK - - its an older version for passive antennas that does not have the new frequencies for Europe’s 25E - - I presume you are not looking at that satellite, but are looking at Americas at 98W. Ken