Logistics of a Web Browser- READ THE POST

Ok…so…I know that Outernet is Recieve only from the Satellite… 138% Aware of that as well…

Heres my situation…

I have Several Other Projects on my home network that have web interfaces. Take for instance, I have an APT Weather Satellite Decoder that uses RaspberryNOAA V2, an ADSB Feeder using PiAware / Virtual Radar Server, a Weather and High Altitude Baloon Tracker using Radiosonde_auto_rx, just to name a few. Each of them have their own web server on my LOCAL Network, the same network on which the Dreamcatcher exists.

My “idea”: I would like to be able to be able to access those webservers from Skylark if possible.

Question #1: is there a way to add a “web broswer” like Chrome to Skylark?

Question #2: If #1 is Doable, is there a way to create a shortcut on the home screen of Skylark?

I like the thought of being able to get a guest logged into skylark and then they would be able to access all of my other projects from one screen.

#1: skylark does run in a Browser, so in theory it should be possible with an iframe or something to create a webbrowser like app. But that would only work when the user can reach the other server as well. So if you port forward to Skylark, people that can access it would not be able to access the other servers on your network over such a browser like app on skylark.

#2 i think there is no way to create shortcuts.