LoRA transmiting from Dream Catcher

What is the output power of the DreamCatcher when transmitting on 2.4ghz? I suppose I should also confirm that it can tx on 2.4GHz. I have a 500 mW in 10 W out amplifier that was previously used for FM terrestrial TV remotes. I am just wondering if this would be suitable to use as a transmitter for QO100 if one could get the QO team to allow LoRA to be sent up to their bird as a proof of concept test. It would be an interesting use of the technology and provide a secondary market for new receivers to be able to receive ham specific data: Space WX, WX, APRS messages, SMS type messages, Ham Radio related news and events and possibly ARRL bulletins and CW Practice.
As the primary use of the spectrum on the QO would be video but it is not always in use so in those down times LoRA could be used to push data to hams in the foot print of the bird, which is very large as it does not have a spot beam.
Lin NI4Y
PS yes I am not in the foot print of the bird, but hope to put a remote station in EU to operate QO100 from a friendly ham’s site.

I believe after the losses in the chain, the actual output power is 7 dBm.

Got ya so it will definitely need an intermediary amplifier.