LoRa World Record: 71,572km to Space and Back

For anyone interested in knowing how the new Outernet works:


Awesome! So the Receiver and protocoll is LoRa on the new Outernet?

It get’s better and better!


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Correct–the modulation is LoRa. If anyone has an rtlsdr connected to a dish, they’ll be able to see the very unique waterfall that LoRa produces. We are not, however, using LoRaWAN.


Great to have Outernet back in the Race.


Wow! 35,786 km up to the bird and then back down.

LoRa modulation is a type of Chirp Spread Spectrum

Benefits of spread spectrum modulaton: Processing gain. The signal can be recovered even if it’s below the noise level.

This really good news. I’m going to enjoy this rather unique project.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


@Syed This is a very exciting development! Are you able to discuss near-term plans for Asia Pacific coverage?

I’m excited to purchase the new Dreamcatcher kit as soon as it is available as well.


It’s not that we are keeping APAC a secret; it’s just that we can’t expand unless it is commercially viable. We need to find local resellers so that there is an easy way to get our products into people’s hands (which allows us to pay for the new beam).

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What is the Business Case Budget needed to justify the cost of a beam into Asia Pacific?

The market rate for one megahertz of Ku is about $5000. That’s leasing just one or two MHz at a time. It’s much lower when acquiring a full transponder. We advise a channel that is 1.6 MHz, which means a 2 MHz lease. And then another couple thousand for equipment hosting and uplinking at the teleport. For roughly $12,000 per month, we can get as high as 40 kbps with standard beams. This is using just an LNB as an antenna.

40kbps is a streaming audio service alongside file delivery.

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Nice! But to claim the world record, I think you’ll have to send data :grinning:.

We have been sending data over this type of link for almost six months.


no, thats false. LoRa is only used half-the-way . from satellite to earth :slight_smile:
35736 km would be the correct numbers

Who will pay for it, if all is “free”? Hardly to understand!

Hello, I from APAC. Is there anything I can help with making it viable?

Do you know of any resellers who would be interested in carrying our products?

Outernet pays for the broadcast channel. Some of the margin that comes from the sales of our receivers covers the costs of the satellite lease.

You do make a good point. The satellite is a repeater.

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The latency is 72,152 km.

That was my point too :wink: The satellite down-converts from Ka to Ku?

–Konrad, WA4OSH

@Syed You weren’t kidding when you said this was as expensive as buying a New York flat. You will need to sell thousands of DC’s to even begin paying for this service. Ouch.

Can imagine that you may need to eventually have DreamCatchers in the hands of satellite dealers like Home Satellite Sales and Service in Monroe, WA