Losing power mid-download - What happens to the data?

What would happen if an outernet device lost or ran out of power while receiving a file? Since it’s a continuous broadcast from the satellite would there just never be a chance to finish the download? Maybe I’m missing something but it ought to be considered since stable electric power can be rare in some parts of the world.

It’s a repeated broadcast, so youd have another opportunity to finish it.

Do you know how often or how many times the broadcast of any given file will repeat? Since new content will be added the older files would have to be phased out from being rebroadcasted eventually.

I don’t think its been determined what the cycles will be.

So basically we have X megabytes a day. If total amount of data in the archives is X * 2 megabytes, we need 2 days to get back to whatever file you failed to download. Our current archive is simply a test so people get some idea about what it may look like, so it can’t be used to calculate the final length of a cycle. We’ll start working on the content for core soon, though, so stay tuned. And by ‘we’, I mean you, us, everyone here.

That depends on the archive. The core will always be there. Then there are what we call ‘ephemeral’ archives including sponsored content, which should eventually go away.