Loss of 2.5 dB of signal


He experimentado una bajada de señal en mi instalación, a las 9:00 horas (8:00 UTC), ¿alguien más?, ¿o es problema mío?



I experienced a signal drop in my installation, at 9:00 am (8:00 UTC), someone else? Or is it my problem?

yes, looking into it.

Can others on alphasat please check and report as well?

Yes I can confirm that. First I believed it might be due to the dense fog we had here in the Netherlands
this morning, but now that is a lot less so it does not directly explain it anymore.
Maybe there is still fog at the uplink station, but it should have started earlier in that case.

I am not plotting it , but I can confirm that my signal has been very poor today… currently down at 2.5 db SNR :frowning: I have changed nothing… I often see huge and lengthy dips in the signal…
a couple of times I have had to rotate the patch ant 90 degrees to get and suddenly I get a good signal… a bit like the polarisation had changed…

Ya veo que no es mi instalación, espero que no se haya roto nada.


I see that it is not my installation, I hope it has not broken anything.

What is the status? Has a problem been confirmed and is the fix still pending?
I still get less signal than before, is that to be expected?

signal strength loss is confirmed - we are looking into it.

Ok thanks. I presume you can see the situation in the callbacks.


though a very small fraction of receivers are heard back from, and user reports are invaluable anyhow.

My receiver has IP
Depending on your geolocation service you may completely mislocate it to be in San Diego, USA.
However it is located in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
It would be nice if a manual location could be specified somewhere.

its possible the you are geolocated incorrectly - I don’t actually use a service as I don’t want to submit the IPs to a third party - I use an offline db, which now I remember I haven’t updated in months.

Adding a location will come. though I doubt many will take advantage of something like that.