Loss of Lock on East Coast


Just to close out this discussion - - it is interesting how reception has improved over all of North America this week. I’m wondering why?

Everybody is getting acceptable SNRs. Mine are back up out of the doldrums - -

Sunday 8/19/2018 0712 EDT Signal Lock Report



I think Syed has been doing some backend tweaking of the data tranmissions.


I just checked my set up for the first time in a bit as I’ve been out of town. I have no lock on the signal as well.

New Bern, NC. I have a very stable antenna mount. I doubt it moved. New Bern, NC.



@hagensieker please see this thread:

Skylark 5.3 for Dreamcatcher 3


Thanks! Makes sense! Will upgrade tonight!



Thanks for the help. Took me like 5 minutes to get back up and running again. Back on lock and downloading.


Great! How is the audio sounding for you?

Are you seeing normal bitrate and packet rate in LCD UI and Tuner app?


Bit rate and packet rate seem fine to me. I don’t have a speaker hooked up at the moment. Actually I have a small speaker laying next to the Dreamcatcher, just need to hook it up.