Main outernet website

What is happening on the main website? I have not been very active with outernet lately but when
visiting the site the little information that was there now appears to be completely
gone. There only is an empty “webshop” thingy left (where I don’t see any products on offer).

They have been making some changes lately and removed a lot of information. I don’t think we got a clear answer why. The good news is the images are back in the archive. Progress! I’m not sure why the store is empty for you. If i scroll down a little on the homepage there are 4 items available.

It may be due to browser incompibility or ad blocker.
However, I got a question from someone asking about more information (knowing I have a receiver)
and indeed there is not much other than the forum left. Not sure if that is a good thing.
(it may be good in that it avoids the problem of people believing that outernet is a satellite
internet provider)

I’ve been poaching info from the outernet websites and putting on my wiki --> it won’t disappear from there…

Als ik op’de foto’s klik kan ik het bestellen.

@pe1chl the change in the website certainly did reduce the amount of confused purchases. All of our current customers know exactly what they are buying, which has dramatically reduced the support requests.