Making requests for content - now live via Twitter and email

In tandem to my post “Creating a playlist of content for Outernet - a guide,” I want to announce the ability for Outernet to accept requests for content via Twitter and email. Responding to requests with a playlist of different content is a process I invite the Outernet community to experiment with.

In many situations where Outernet is deployed, users have mobile phones for making calls, sending SMS, using WhatsApp, limited Facebook, and Twitter (and other limited data functionality), but accessing the type of content Outernet sends is impossible and expensive. Thus, a low bitrate request medium could add value.

Twitter: tweet at @ThaneRichard or @OuternetForAll with your content request. You must include #request.
Email: email your request to [email protected].

Requests are logged publicly here:

Anyone can use the remaining columns to suggest responses to requests, including user-created bins of content using the guide linked to above, which is found at