Many (and probably stupid concerning you) questions

Hello! I’m new in this forum and I’ve recently discovered Othernet and the DreamCatcher. I’m also discovering all about this like coaxial cables, antennas, etc. This is why I’m creating this topic, this is because I don’t know many things and I’d like to learn them before buying the Dreamcatcher. It seems that I’m really bad to search answers on the Internet and I didn’t understand a lot of things. I don’t unserstand how works a LNB because there’s a lot of different LNBs. I’d like to know if I can hook up a TV antenna with coaxial cable with the dreamwatcher through a sort of adaptater (
that would hook up the the antenna and the dreamcatcher) while using the LNB which is, I guess, necessary to the great running of the DreamCatcher. I also didn’t understand a thing: I read that some people could send tweets with the dreamcatcher but I thought that we could only receive data (I just know one way to send data with the Dreamcatcher, it’s with the chat application). I was also wondering about the possibility to get an Ethernet port to the Dreamcatcher instead of the WIFI.
Thanks for have read this and it would be so kind to you to answer me :smile:. See you later! (I also indicate that english isn’t my main language so sorry for my mistakes x( ).

Othernet is only Receiving data only, just to amke that clear :slight_smile:

You can use any Dualband LNB that is somewhat decent, you dont need a Dish for receiving Othernet, the normal TV LNB works just fine without a dish. There are different LNBs on the market, but most of them are following a standard. So getting a Dual Band LNB, what is used for normal TV in the EU for example will work great. Otherwise, you can get an LNB from othernet i think.


Greetings!! You might also find the Wiki at the top of the Forum useful in answering some of your questions as well as providing internet links to working terminals. Ken in Annapolis, Maryland

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Thanks for your quick answers! :smile:
So an LNB is an antenna? And what so you mean with “Dual Band LNB” ?
How can we recognize a single band lnb and a dual? What’s the difference between them?
And what does mean this:


Thanks Kenbarbi I didn’t notice that there is a wiki :smiley:

Google LNB :stuck_out_tongue:

A LNB is converting the satellite Signal (at ~11ghz) to something the Dreamcatcher or TV Receiver can use (around 1.7ghz)
There is a High and a Low Band, so it can convert two type of frequencies. often you find something like 9.75/10.5ghz marked on it.If you buy one, any current LNB that says 4K or so should be ok.

Also: amke ist just a typo and should mean make :stuck_out_tongue: Othernet is Receiving only, so you cant send a tweet like somebody seem to have said.

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Yes this is what I understood with researches but I was wondering about that an LNB can be hooked up with an antenna

So should I buy one with 9.75 gHz or a 10.5 gHz or a 4K?

I was also wondering about what is “Lantern”. Tons of people say this in the forum but I don’t know what it is… They also talk about

which has a low-capacity service

I’m probably exhausting you guys and I’m so sorry but I’d like to know exactly what is being broadcasted in Europe… (because a lot of things are explained nowhere as far as I searched…). It could be great to make a wiki with all the information because for now it is really vague…

Hello, Mr Woomy in France - - here’s some background information for you.

The Lantern was developed several years ago (circa 2016) to connect to Galaxy 19’s Othernet beam (then called Outernet). The beam was high capacity, but the service was terminated when Othernet decided to go to L-band (lower frequency, different hardware, and different easier to point antenna). Using conventional Ku-band channels required the use of a correctly aimed free-to-air (FTA) style LNB/dish, which was too hard for most users to set up.

Fast forward to today - - 2 satellite channels one in North America and one in Europe/North Africa/Middle East. Both satellites can be received with a simple LNBs (no dish required) connected to Othernet’s Dreamcatcher. If you purchase the Dreamcatcher package (, it comes with the circuit board and an LNB. Then, using Forum members’ guidance, you can come up and discover what is available!!

As I mentioned, go to on-line Dreamcatchers that Forum members are operating and port forwarding (sharing). In North America, mine is at, and will show you what is happening here. If you live on the otherside of the “pond”, check out Wolfgang’s (he is in Cologne, Germany) at

On either, just click on the login button to operate as a guest. Ken


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They have both Frequencys…its dual Band / Dual Frequency.

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So to make run the Dreamcatcher, we need a dual band LNB and the “4K” is something else… (What is this?)
Can we hook up an LNB and an antenna?
Thanks for the explainations about Lantern.
What’s broadcasted by Othernet? Is there a list somewhere?
I’m wondering about the interest in going to your Dreamcatcher…
To hook up an Ethernet port on the Dreamcatcher we need an USB adaptater?
It would be really kind if you answer to all my questions :smile:

oh goood…LNBs that are decent are marked often with 4K / UHD or UltraHD (like the Image Resolution of your TV or a Movie), thats all…please just Google:

You only need the LNB, but you can mount it to a Dish like you would for receiving TV over satellite to get higher Signal strenght, but you don’t really get a benifit from it.

If you want to see what is broadcasted, just take a look at the link ken shared above…log in and take a look. He made his Dreamcatcher open for anyone to take a look at, see his post above.

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By the way, one of our Forum members in Cologne, Germany, @wsombeck Wolfgang, has also shared his link if you want to see what’s coming down in Europe. It’s at


Thanks a lot for your answers :smiley:
I guess that I’ve one last question: Can we hook up an Ethernet port to the Dreamcatcher through the USB port?

Oh! I’ve one more x)
Should I use Skylark or Armbian? Because Skylark looks great but with Armbian we can chat… (even if I don’t want a 2nd Dreamcatcher for now x) )

xD I’ve other questions… What’s the utility of the app Messages? And why is there no french news channel? x( Moreover, I don’t understand how to really use the weather app… Because we can’t really now the weather precisly (where we live for example)

What does mean this info? Because it is not the temperature.

You can use a usb ethernet adapter. A TP-Link TL-UE300 has worked for others. Any other adapter may not work. This isnt officially supported.

If you want to recieve othernet content you have to use skylark. If you want to use chat you have to use Arabian. You can not do both at the same time.

The messages app shows aprs messages tagged with OUTNET.

If you have any good sources for french news post them.

The weather app cant give detailed information like you would find elsewhere because of the amount of bandwidth it would consume.

That screenshot shows at the coordinates of 37.68 N, 7.9 W there is a 7 km/h wind coming from 45 degrees (compass degrees not temperature).