Maverick LNB - *Bullseye is the Answer**

Bullseye is the Answer*

Hi Bill - - several of us have been going crazy over this issue with the Maverick LNB, but fortunately had a Dual LO which was shipped with the Dreamcatcher v3.05 sitting around. We could replace the Maverick easily - - well some of us had to get a ladder out to crawl up on our roofs after we shoveled snow where it was mounted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The new Dreamcatcher (not available yet) will be shipped with a Bullseye, however, Syed is making them available for purchase now for $15 (price just got reduced!!) Check out the new link on the top of Ken

In answer to Maverick Single LO usage, I have applied the same Fine Tuning Technique I used on the Dual LO (which worked fine). I get these results consistently after honing in with minimum Freq Offset on the correct operating frequency set in my Custom Tab as 12.089280767 GHz. Consistent fluctuations, but no LOCK . I know Syed said using the Maverick would be more difficult, but this seems to show something else going on. Ken

As per Mr.Ken topic about an LNB

Discussion and follow-up

I am excited… I got a lock using a Dish TV lnb18… the dreamcatcher corrected almost 400,000

Dish TV uses circular polarization. You should be able to get even better results with a linear LNB.

i installed a viewsat lnbf … I think is v/h linear

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This subject title : Maverick LNB

I am also excited… I got a lock using a Maverick LNB and with the help of Manuel (thanks)
… now fine tuning is required/needed.


Well -40 isn’t a realy lock as i said before, the Maverick is just not the best thing i would say.
But good luck anyways, getting anything at all is a step in the right direction.

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I had your same experience. It look promising but never achieved Lock. That’s when I changed out my LNB. Ken

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So the important question is what are you doing differently? What do you use? What LNB do you use is helpful and where did you get it ??

I read and understand the Maverick LNB is junk.

Maybe I have to try the following at $ 15.00
Is this unit recommended???


Well yes - - the Maverick is not stable enough. I also have a very nice INVACOM QPH-031 Quad Polar LNB I used to use on my FTA with Othernet, but it is only stable to +/- 1MHz. It doesn’t work either.

The answer is to use the Dual LNB:LO (which came with my Dreamcatcher v3.05) or the Bullseye. I am using the Dual LNB:LO and have 2 Bullseyes on order from Othernet. I’m OK with the Dual LNB:LO now. Some other Forum members have come up with alternatives too. Ken

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What I am unclear about

[Bullseye 10 kHz Ultra High Stability Universal Single LNB]

And you mention “Dual LNB:LO”
So you are talking about a device that has TWO connectors, NOT a single LNB

Interesting— “for this subject”
My understanding was an LNB single/duel related to the rj58 connectors.

It would have been my belief the image below, has two rj58 connectors, therefore is a duel LNB.
Yes, but …I read the image “single”. …arrrrr


So I am off to YOUTUBE to search and view videos about this subject.

Hey, you offer suggestions? Examples.

A picture or links that you are using? Order or purchase details.

Yes … I’ve been searching fleebay,amazn,abebaba and others.

A Dual LO LNB stands for Dual Local Oscillator, so it has two Frequencies it can shift at.
It has nothing todo with the Connectors.

Just get a Bullseye LNb it is the recommended LNb and it really works very well.

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DONE !!! Thank Manuel
PSA - This website … is giving me error when I try to enter a message. Frustrating

I’m talking about this LNB:


that came with the Dreamcatcher v3.05. It has the stability of ± 200 kHz. Ken

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that should be okay as well i guess. Seems like a similar LNb that i used so far for Othernet.

Ken … When you say or others, “no lock”, do you mean the Status tab page doesn’t show any words, like blank. Or does the page show up properly but Lock says No. My problem is, Status page is always blank. Using Maverick.

What I mean is, I get the Status TAB filled in with information, but the Lock line shows either intermittent Lock/No Lock or just No Lock at all. With the Maverick, I’ve never been able to tweak the Freq so I get Lock. Ken

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Yes … yes … Using Maverick LNB.
Blank status page in the Othernet tuner application.

the same for 3 months. until today

Yes - - I think @Tysonpower Manuels’s APP works well, but the Maverick doesn’t. I’ve been able to tune my Maverick and another LNB with similar freq stability, and got the same result - - NADA. So I changed out my LNB, and am fine. If you don’t have one of the DC v3.05 DUAL LNBs, suggest you order a Bullseye. Ken

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What did you do to fix it?