May Lantern status?

Looks like the last update on March 26 was really exciting!

I wanted to see if there was a new update, maybe some pictures of the board with the antenna mounted and functioning?

Hopefully we can get a better timeline for shipping as well? Thanks!

I’m going to Shenzhen to see oversee the first 1000-unit production run of those boards. I’ll be posting some pictures once the line is up and running.


Hey @Syed, How do I buy the final product? The indiegogo campaign says “sold out” for all of the options.
I want to reserve a finalized outernet receiver (with battery pack and solar panel).
I understand that it probably won’t be ready until early 2018, but there should be a way to “pre-order” the final product (like indiegogo let us do)!

Oh, you’ll definitely know when we have it ready. We’ll shouting that information out to the world. The best thing now is to sign up for our newsletter. I’d rather not offer any more pre-orders.

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How did the boards look? What else is needed for the Lanterns to ship? Looking forward to more Indiegogo updates.

The boards look ok. We had a pretty good yield for a first run. Oddly, the first 500 units were 100%, but then we started seeing assembly issues. That is still being reviewed. Update to come.

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I can hardly wait. I seem to be slowly losing interest.

I’m also a indiegogo backer and am getting a little discouraged.

At one point I even ordered a Lighthouse (ORDER #1499) just to get started and try to deploying something in rural Laos, where now live for my wife’s NGO job. Syed recommended I cancel that order due to the L-band of Lantern being a better option.

I don’t want a refund. In fact I logged on just to see if there are any updates. Clearly there’s been a lot of hard work, time, effort and changes along the way. That’s cool, I just wonder when I’ll be getting the final product?

Shenzhen is a good place, it has the world’s most comprehensive supply chain, and everything the product, absolutely can meet any of your requirements.