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Why not add a search capability to the messages app? If you wanted to get really fancy add a keyword trigger that watches for keywords and creates a notification if match occurs. The notification would make messages function more like an inbox and would be more useful.

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Do you mean messaging a particular receiver/user or in the forum?
I would love to see either a public BBS(including or only forum posts) like the BBS on the ARISS package and/or encrypted private messaging. Othernet being a private venture on commercial bands(vs amateur bands) private/crypto is OK, in fast most of the video feeds and data on nearly all GEO sats is encrypted.

No…I mean for Othernet. The Messages section for APRS is fine. But if you want to add real functionality to it, let’s be able to monitor it on the DreamCatcher for keywords. For example enter your call sign as a keyword, then anything that comes across the APRS with your call sign would trigger a notification in the UI.

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As to your suggestion, if you use the HTML program one of our community members (Alberto) developed

you can search for key words in Message Subject lines with standard browser as I have done with Firefox. I think the app is somewhere in the Forum, but here it is again set up for my Dreamcatcher - - Ken

Hey Ken. Thanks for the suggestion. Since the UI is capable of doing API calls and polling it would be awesome to have the pattern match check built into the interface. Imagine a notification icon on the menu bar showing the number of matches to your keywords. Then when out in the bush, you could work hard to get an APRS packet out…and leisurely check your Othernet for the reply. You could even have the UI highlight your pattern matched messages.

By the way, if you type it exactly as I have done using my port forwarded Dreamctcher address, you can run it up on an internet connected browser.

It will show you my weather here - - that’s what the orthographic data is set to. Ken

Due to the amount of messages coming in over APRS, it really isn’t feasible to have to visually parse every message, every hour or so looking for things that interest the users. By setting keyword “matches” you could easily see things that are of interest. For example a HAM could set their callsign as a keyword. Then any message that is sent to their attention would show a notification.

In otherwords, build a notification routine in the UI…then have the first module that uses it be messages. News, or other modules could follow if needed. Modularity would prove useful. I’m sure having other notifications in Skylark will prove useful.

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well, I did this but not on the dreamcatcher board. You have to use the pc terminal as collector fo the aprs messages and then use them to notify on screen ,audio,actuator.
It work on my pc with windows and few line on the D.C.

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I’ve done this also, except I built a server that gets the APRS feed and then parses out the unique key word identifier and the takes the message and builds a micro blog out if it. My goal this summer is to port this code to the Outernet board and use it as a command and control for a light web-based ops dashboard. That way my backpack satcoms kit is a little more active. One I adjust the framework a bit I want to build some bots to gather dashboard data. It’s awesome that you guys have a similar idea!

Hi James, nice job.I use a rsync command in a linux os pc to get the messages and connect a aprs program , the one I use is Aprs_Mon12, when found a word in the aprs message trig an event. I use also IFTTT to email me when an event happen ( when the aprs messages with the key word arrive). I’m curious to understand how you solved the collection of aprs messages from Dreamcatcher.( if you will find the time to explain it).