Messages app in the downloads

I found in the downloded files a, it contains a new app, its name messages. My question is:
what can I make with this zip file? Need it some manual install, or will working automatically?

Here is a link to the information about that app. It’s just an example app, and doesn’t do much on it’s own.

Thank you the link. It seems, it is working. I see one message, an Announcement, this is the text of it:

2200-10-22 17:40

Welcome to messages app. This app is used by Outernet staff to broadcast annoucements to Outernet users. Please watch this space periodically to stay up to date.

But it seems, need a small correction, at least in the date field.

Yes, as you’ll see in the link it currently isn’t used for anything. It’s just a demo of what you can do with apps the way they’re set up right now.

I think, this app has a huge potencial. I am waiting for some test messages.

It arrived the second test message app, it is a great app, to download the weather conditions from
In this draft verzion this weather app (not)working in this way on my setup:

But in this case, there isnot the weather.json file in this dir.
I dont understand, how it works together with api, but I tried some options.
If I download the sample weather.json record from here: more exacly the sample file on this link:
and I put it in the /var/spool/weather/ dir with name weather.json, the clickable field will be useable, can choose city names there. But if I click the link to the weather.json, it dont process it correctly.
If I ask from the api the html version of the weather record, the html file from this link:
and I put the /var/spool/weather/dir as a weather.html file, it working.

I know this is not the solution, but it is only my first try to undestand, how its working.

To be honest, there’s not really a solution in that sense of the word. The weather app was an attempted integration that flopped because the API of was difficult to work with. A new (functional) weather app is on my todo list. These are currently more of a demo of the capacity of apps and how to write them.