Messages stop at 4/23/2017

I noticed that there are no messages listed since 4/23/2017. Did I miss something discussing this or is there a problem?

Same over here in Germany on Alphasat.

Seems to be a problem the APRS feed, but other content like news and weather is still working fine.


Sorry that we have been really quiet lately. We are head’s down on being this new board out the door. Hopefully @Abhishek and @zoltan sign off on the pre-production units tomorrow. In a few weeks @zoltan and I will be at the factory to oversee production and QA. Getting closer day by day.

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Yes, I have noticed that ONLY the ARISS stuff has been in messages before it stopped 100% too…
I didn’t say anything because I assumed that the reason that @syed @Abhishek & @zoltan had been silent for a while was because they had the new boards to be working on ( which @syed just confirmed)
Personally it is the news that I find the most useful, and as long at the diverse feeds are working I am happy, but I like to keep “pinging” OUTNET from APRS on HF to see if the channel is open, as I see that using HF to get a message to outernet receivers could be useful in the future :slight_smile:
you can see my beacons that managed to be heard by a igate with internet access here*&limit=50&view=normal

messages are completely empty now ( due to garbage collection ) in my Alphasat system now :slight_smile:
Any idea of when this will be looked at @Abhishek ?

@neil We are going to be seeing some changes on the channel; more details in the coming days.

No worries :slight_smile: