Middle light of lighthouse is not bright

Middle light of lighthouse is not bright
It show “downloading” but i did not see files what is matter?
And show these:

The expected behavior of the middle LED is as follows:

  • Blinking during boot
  • Solid when normally operating.
  • Off when error condition is met.
  • Blinking slow (0.5s intervals) when USB storage is plugged in.
  • Blinking fast (0.1s intervals) when USB storage operation is ongoing (e.g., running system upgrade, preparing external storage, etc)

I suspect that this means you’ve run into some sort of error with your drive. Can you get the diagnostic log from “Application Logs” and upload it somewhere? gist.github.com is convenient.

Edit: Silly me, i assumed you plugged in an external drive. Did you plug in an external drive?

Also, knowing your version might be helpful. Are you on 2.4?

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