Need Help... A little confused.... DIY Kit

Thanks Wolfgang - - I too do not have a static ip address. The last time I tried port forwarding with my internet provider ( for a Wifi camera, I ran into problems with my Verizon provided DSL Modem/Router/Wifi not offering port forwarding. In that case, I wound up using the camera company’s web site.

I’ll try it again with my Lighthouse and, and let you know how I make out. Thanks again, Ken

On some routers, it may be called differently: e.g., ‘NAT’, ‘redirect’, etc.

NAT is the technical name for it.

so after everything i still cant get the system up and running but got news im moving to a new apartment soon, i wont be bringing the dish with me unfortunately…

so i now have an interesting question which i feel like i know the answer already… i have abit of a mil background (not in coms) i seen these antenna around a lot and was wondering wouldi be able to connect to the outernet with a Surplus military UHF satcom antenna, attached to the HD star+Rasp (again i know only basics of these) i have seen these for sale a lot recently, i feel like it wouldn’t as i know UHF is relative to radio coms but i have it in my head it can receive satellite communications also can anyone confirm this, cant seem to find much information other then what they are not what they are used for or do.

This is the type here -

if it dosnt my other question is i am now going to be looking for a very compact dish or say a folded-able one that i can take out and store away since my soon to be living conditions wont allow a perm dish… was thinking of a small automatic one that fits on a camper van but cant seem to get one with a good dish span that i could store easily if need be.

Dean, I guess that won´t work: Hotbirds frequency is 10Ghz, the tactical satcom antenna works at about 300Mhz.

So I assume you flashed with the new firmware, and have it connected to a router? Can you SSH into it?

Wolfgang, I hope you have been following my discussion with Branko on the new version 2.5rc3, and how it did not work on my Lighthouse. I see by your forwarded ORxPi port you recently upgraded to ORxPi 2.5rc2 and have no Library content either.

That’s the problem I had when I went to 2.5rc3. You might want to consider dropping back a version to 2.5a2 and see what you get. Ken

Hello to all, i am short of time at the moment, but indeed I am reading the discussion an will follow yor suggestion, Ken, and try it with 2.5a2, asap!

ok, 2.5a2 up and running: news show properly, library still empty and weekly selections still 01-18-2016. I leave it running untill tuesday to see if the library fills and the weekly selecton will update on monday.
A nice sunday to everbody out there,

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