***Need Help in SE Asia

If anyone is in or near the Indonesia, can you provide a 2 MHz spectrum plot (GQRX or SDR#) of 1556.5 MHz RHCP?

@Seasalt @kurnias Would you be able to check this out?

I will provide you, once I’m back from business trip.

Will try this morning.with GQRX.


Is this what you wanted .

It is., but can you sample the full 2.4 MHz that rtl-sdr can support? There is supposed to be a new channel (not ours) that has one megahertz of channel bandwidth. I think you are on the edge of being able to see it.

Tell me exactly what setting you want in GQRX and I will do the screen dump in the morning.

Also what is the satellite / lat-long I should be aiming my antenna at?

You should be pointing in the same location that you currently are for APAC 144E.

I don’t use GQRX, so it’s hard for me to say exactly. The thing that we want to see is a full 2 MHz of spectrum, in the hopes that we see the elevated 1 MHz channel.

Looks like you don’t get any RF coming in to your SDR. You need to turn on your bias-tee. If using the RTL-SDR dongle check this out: http://www.rtl-sdr.com/rtl-sdr-blog-v-3-dongles-user-guide/

Your GQRX spectrum should looks like these (EU spectrum plots):

If you have access to windows machine can have a trial with SDR# too:

Thanks Zoltan.

I just disconected my Outernet e4000 dongle from my chip and plugged it into my Acer running Ubuntu and GQRX and assumed that the bias t would be turned on.

I guess you are right I need a command in GQRX to turn on bias T.

That’s not true. The E4000 has a hardwired bias tee. Are you also using the amplifier with the antenna?

I think the problem is the Outernet e4000 and Outernet saw filter is blocking the out of band frequency.

Tomorrow I will set up my Outernet patch antenna with two LNA and the rtl-sdr dongle and repeat the test.

Sorry about the delay.

Actually, the SAW filter on the amp is for the entire satellite L-band (1525-1559). So the amp would not get in the way of tuning into that frequency.

I used windows in Virtual Box and got this. It was a very clear and strong data signal. But it might just be some noise interference from where I currently am.

That definitely looks like something! Can you zoom in a bit so that we are only seeing between 1550 and 1560 MHz?

Syed I am sorry but due to Roof repairs I have had to dismantle my Outernet receiver for a few days.

I am very curious about a new satellite service. Is Outernet about to have another broadcast Satellite Data service competitor?

Will it only be is SE Asia?

No, this is not us, sadly. We are at maximum bandwidth for awhile. What we have is exceptionally expensive. This new channel is experimental; I should be able to share more details in the coming weeks.

on Inmarsat 4F1 no signal between 1550 and 1560 MHz.