Need help with dish set up

Which direction do I point the dish to get signal need help

Hi Abel. I will try to help you here. Go to and enter your location. You are looking for a satellite 87W SES-2. Once you have entered that information, this web site will direct you. Look at the bottom of the page and it will give you Lat-Long, Satellite name, distance, elevation and Azimuth expressed both in true and magnetic (compass) direction and lastly, LNB skew. LNB skew is the number of degrees you must turn the LNB to match the attitude on the satellite (see the numbers on the “back” of your LNB)… Jerry

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Also, check out pages 11 - 15 of the User Manual I wrote at


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I’ve re-purposed two Dish Network dish this way already. I removed the stock circular polarized LNB (noting where the focal point of the dish is) and scrubbed it down with some steel wool and re-painted it with some gray spray paint. Using a plastic bracket ordered from EBay “NEW Heavy Duty 40mm Single Dish LNB Bracket/Holder/Mount FTA LNBF” I mounted the Maverick MK1-PLL to the arm so that the LNB head is in the same place where the old LNB sits. This mount is much more stable than other brackets I’ve tried. They’re well worth the $7.


The other pointer I can offer is to find a spot that has a clear view of the satellite. It’s especially important to not only have a clear line of sight to the satellite, but to try to locate your dish or raw LNB in such a way that there are obstructions around the signal – no trees or buildings near the signal path. This is called the Fresnel zone. This has been a very important factor in my being able to receive the signal in a heavily wooded area like here in the Seattle area.


Go to and print out the google map and use that to align the dish using that. It helps if you can identify a distant object to point at. However with a small dish you don’t have to be very precise. Aligning dishes is something that can take hours the first time unless you are lucky and becomes increasingly easy.