Networking, Addressing, Routing, and IPv6

I would like to pose some questions to try and get more details on what Outernet is proposing to do in regards to networking. As well as hopefully start a conversation where others will ask related questions as well:

  1. Does Outernet plan on applying to become a Regional Internet Registry (RIR)?
  2. Which RIR will you most likely associate with until then?
  3. Will Outernet use IPv6 addressing, and if so IPv6 only?
  4. Will Outernet support Mobile IPv6 to allow users to roam between Outernet and other networks?
  5. Will users be able to get routeable subnets larger than /64?
  6. Will Outernet support any global multicasting (between peers)?


These three questions don’t make sense in context, because Outernet is a one-way, broadcast only service. Like an FM music station for data. Any Internet addressing would only exist to ‘spoof’ receivers into accepting the data stream as a legitimate wifi hotspot, if at all.

No, no and no. These also don’t make sense in the context.