Networking not working on Pi2 after plugging in flash drive

With this version, I plugged a 8GB Kingston flash drive FAT32 formatted to Pi. Green LED of the Pi started to blink, stayed for about 2 minutes, and suddenly the WiFi hotspot gets disabled. Then I connected the Pi with the router using a LAN cable but couldn’t find any IP address assigned to it. It seems that the Pi gets halted - green LED is not blinking and in a stable state.

It only shows my phone and laptop.

Can you try that while HDMI monitor is attached to it so you can get more information?

I checked the flash drive and it is empty. I will connect the Pi with my TV and let you know the result. Give me some time.

I tested this with newly build v2.6a1

For this version also data not gets copied into the flash drive.

Can you describe what exactly happens when you boot and what devices you have attached to the Pi?

Started the Pi with WiFi dongle, HDStar and TV attached.

Plugged 8GB FAT32 formatted (labelled as EXT_STORE) flash drive into the Pi.

Green LED on the Pi started to blink for few minutes.

Connected to the Pi (through WiFi) with my computer and identified that
no files get copied in the flash drive. It showed used space as 8kb.

This time the WiFi hotspot remained without losing

Then I connected the Pi to router and suddenly WiFi hotspot gets lost. Also, the TV screen gets blanked.

Raspberry PI gets halted and the green LED remained in solid state.

So I logged in to the router portal and it said the ORxPi is in ‘inactive’ state.

As of 2.5.1, it is no longer necessary to label it in any way.

That’s the new behavior as mentioned in the release notes.

What happens if Pi is already connected to the router when you boot it?

Resolved after connecting the flash drive (this time I connected a 16 GB Kingston USB stick) through a powered USB hub -it is a Multi TT usb hub from ModMyPi.