New Arch ARM image

I’ve uploaded a new image for Raspberry Pi using Arch ARM. You can get it here.

Writing the image

Please follow this guide.

Deprecation warning

Please note that Arch ARM is now officially deprecated. This is the last Arch ARM image we will create. It is meant as a temporary solution for PCTV 461e users while support for PCTV 461e support becomes available on Raspbian. Because of this, updating system packages is not recommended. Moving forward, we will only be providing Raspbian images.


This updated brings following changes:

  • it actually works (yeah, sorry about that, ondd has been fixed)
  • hotspot is configured by default for supported devices
  • 4GB instead of 8GB
  • separate data partition

ONDD works

ondd, the piece of software that was having issues with openSSL library. This has been addressed and it should now work.

WiFi hotspot

The WiFi hotspot is configured by default. If the WiFi dongle is connected at boot, you will have a working hotspot as soon as system is up. (Ralink is not supported, though.) Even with hotpost enabled, you can still connect to the receiver using LAN port as before.

4GB image

The new image is now 4GB. You may still run into issues writing it to some 4GB cards, but 8GB cards should be fine.

Separate data partition

All downloaded data is now stored on separate partition. While some systems won’t benefit from this at all (e.g., on Windows you can’t see the data partition even though it’s FAT32, because it’s not the first partition), it should now be a bit easier to back up your data on others. There is no tool provided for resizing the data partition, so you are on your own regarding that.

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