New ceramic antenna vs older patch antenna

I have read the differences: wider bandwidth, slightly lower gain, a bit smaller in size. I don’t understand, why the change?

Lower profile and integrated amplifier. High gain comes with the tradeoff of being slightly harder to point.

I can not find the new antenna on the Outernet shop?

Will the new antenna have a wider beam or a narrower beam.

Do you have a analysis of the new Antenna we can look at.

What is stock availability of new Antennas?

It’s not yet listed on the store; you can only see it with this link:

It has a wider beam. We have about 500 of these on hand, ready to ship.

Correction you now have 498 ready to ship, I just bought two.

I think we should congratulate you guys not just on the new Dreamcatcher but also the new antenna.