New DreamCatcher, OS up now what?

hey all i got a new DreamCatcher, OS on it, WFI all ready to go… Uhh i been looking how to get outernet streams into it… but cant find anything but:

Getting Started

  1. Download image
  2. Board setup
  3. Power
  4. Boot

so do the boards sold by outernet, actually receive outernet?
what software?

Im VERY technical, but damn man… nada on the site…


No Outernet software for this board public yet. There are some people who have some advanced release of Skylark that runs on it, but not sure the official way to get that release at this point.

Spoke 1 hour too soon: Skylark 4.4 images for Dreamcatcher

Thats a heck of a bump!

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all good now… up and running… thanks all…

We aim to please! (Most of the time.)

I know this has been hashed over and over, but the issue was an inability to find adequate documentation. once i had the info pieces it was up in minutes…

Currently its taped to the window facing 98W getting SNR about 9 right now…