New Dreamcatcher

Just got my v3.03 today. Had it up and running in no time. The user guide I found here was pretty great in getting me going. I had the previous version of Dreamcatcher and it was enough alike I got going pretty quick.

Great project. Glad to be able to support it by buying the hardware. Trying to drum up some interest in the neighborhood as well.

Does anyone have a 3D printed case for the 3.03?

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Sure there is a very nice project from @Tysonpower check out here:
(links are broken now need to replace .outernet to .othernet in the picture links)

Thanks. I saw that while searching through the forums. Gotta find a way to make this thing watertight or find a way to mount it in the window so I can keep it deployed.

@kenbarbi had some pro solutions for outdoor watertight boxes if I’m right

I’m looking at some enclosures on Amazon. All I’ll have to do is add a panel mount female F and a Micro USB connector.

Or I could 3D print the enclosure in the thread above and mount the antenna outside the house as my back wall points right towards the satellite. The antenna is just a little long to fit behind my mini blinds.

I’d pop a hole in the wall and add an F connector plate but I don’t think that’s a very good idea if the project drops dead or they shift satellites again.

Wonder if I could pick up the satellite through the roof in my attic. Doubtful but I could try. That would be the easiest thing to do. Has anyone here ever successfully connected indoors? Would the signal penetrate the roof?

My enclosures are not weather proof now that I am working with a Ku-band LNB. You can always remote mount the LNB and run it over RG6 cable to a weatherproof area. I have my LNB 500 feet out from my Dreamcatcher. Ken

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Just got my 3.03 today. Having fun now! Works great. I have the lnb mounted on an extension pole attached to my fta 76cm dish. It was easy to get my elevation angle with a Johnson magnet angle locator. Then I set the dish to motor over to Ses2 @87W, eyeballed it to be in line with the dish arm, and got a lock on the first try! Tomorrow I think I will mount the lnb on the dish, and see how well the rssi improves. The user guide is Great…Thank You Ken Barbi. I too would like a case for the Dreamcatcher, preferably clear. Like hagensieker said, I am happy to be supporting this project by buying the hardware. I will be telling tech able friends about this, and encouraging them to also spread the word. Thank You, Outernet team for a truly fine product, and concept!

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Jay - - you might want to do what I did and share my FTA feed/LNB/motor/dish with the Dreamcatcher. I use an A/B switch at the end of my 500 foot RG6 so everything is inside. It works great when it snows here :rofl:


Hi Ken, Thanks for the feedback. My RG6 run is only about 35 feet, but i want to use a single line, from the dish into the house to keep it as uncluttered as possible. I am thinking about trying a 2 into 1 splitter to run both LNB’s on one line, (Maybe Not-Voltage conflict/feed over)or a Diseq switch out at the dish. If I can’t get that to work, then I’ll run a separate line into the house. Or perhaps put the Dreamcatcher into a waterproof enclosure, feed it power from a solar charged battery, and add an external antenna to the WiFi to boost the range of the signal to my router. So many thoughts, so many possibilities! I have to get a big cup of coffee, and think a little more cautiously. Will let you know. Thanks again for the excellent guide, and the communication. - Jay

thanks. BTW, great user guide. Thanks for taking the time. I’m hesitant to pop a hole in the wall because I’m afraid they’ll shift satellites again :smiley:. That being said I do have about a dozen RTL and ham radio projects so I’m sure I could always make use of the coax run and wall plate.

For now I bought an outdoor enclosure on Amazon with a micro USB panel mount adapter and a female F panel mount connector. If I just sit this on my back yard covered porch I can probably mount the LNB to one of the porch columns. and keep it pretty clean.

I’d love to mount the LNB on the back fence, bury the coax and pop it through the wall and maybe I will once I see if this iteration of Outernet survives past 2018. Almost pulled the trigger a dozen times on the Dreamcatcher and then the other day they had the 33% off sale. That’s when I jumped, however 33% sales either mean “new hardware coming” or something else not desirable.

Good to know the LNB works on a 500’ run. Thanks for the info.


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I am see lot’s of new balloons on

Good job Team Othernet :sunny:


I popped a hole through my girlfriend’s wall. On the outside, I mounted a metal outlet box that holds an Ethernet and an F Coax connector with a lid that closes if the connection is unused. On the inside is a plastic frame in the sheet rock with a plate that holds another Ethernet and F Coax connector.

The Ethernet connection currently is running to one DreamCatcher that is running on Power over Ethernet, which was running all the way from the other side of the house. The DreamCatcher is outside in a weather proof box. The F Coax is going to allow me to bring the DreamCatcher inside.