New Encryption / Decryption Program

From the perspective of the right to privacy (which isn’t always easily available in all nations), I can see the utility in providing an Encryption / Decryption program for use by Othernet users. So, I would like to submit for your review the following self contained AES encryption / decryption program.

The AES 256 encryption / decryption is done completely in JavaScript so it is transparent, open source, public domain and will run standalone on the Dreamcatcher. Credit goes to John Walker of Switzerland for its development as well as all the authors of the public domain code in it. It may be included in the project without license concerns.

It is my hope that the members here and users of Othernet may benefit from its inclusion in the project.

The attached file is an .html file with the extension renamed to “.tgz” (one of the allowed extensions on this forum). You will need to rename the file extension to “.html” once you download it.

Encryption and Decryption.tgz (31.7 KB)

  • Key: Othernet


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Worked like a charm. Ken

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