New feeds are up!

We now have the following feeds going out:

  1. Voice of American (various regional feeds).
  2. BBC World
  3. Al Jazeera
  4. Deutsche Welle
  5. Eureka alert
  6. Medline
  7. World Health Organization

This is still too western-focussed, as I have not been able to find good feed sources from rest of the world. Please suggest other diverse, high quaity feeds!


That looks well-mixed for the beginning. I guess, for the “non-western”-focussed news we need somebody who is familiar with languages like chinese, arabic, russian, etc.

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An interesting point in regard to Wolfgang’s comment about language. From chats with traveling Chinese and Russians here, they generally think English (1st), Spanish (2nd), and French (3rd) will cover most of the Arabic, Asian and Slovic countries receiving Outernet broadcasts. While not necessarily spoken/heard well, it is understood from reading in those 3 languages.

I don’t know enough to disagree on that point, but it’s something to think about. Ken

I recommend using the same arguments I used with the BBC, approaching the following news sources as starters:

Russia’s RT News
Iran’s Press TV
China’s CCTV

Sounds strange to pick sources some people believe to be biased and censored, but overall it gives people a larger plate of varied ideas. Ken


Well done Ken, your achievement is Fantastic on getting the BBC newsfeed.

Syed I am not sure If Ken did this alone or Part of a team as I know Sam has done an enormous amount as well but I think a Honorary Mention or Outernet citation for an excellent achievement is due.

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@Seasalt I could not agree more. Matter of fact, @kenbarbi is hereby designated with the status of Grand Master Poobah on the forum (aka Moderator).

All joking aside, his working has been very much appreciated and has definitely pushed the content flow forward. @sam_uk as well.

Well done @kenbarbi :slight_smile:
It is a great move forward to something that can be very useful and timely whilst “disconnected”

On this page, as well as your basic Welcome Web page at, you have misspelled EurekAlert! as Eureka Alert. Ken

Just added to the bug list.


Ken meant on the web page, not in Skylark!

Thanks. Just made the change.